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Watch: The Bruins honored the Riva brothers, WWII vets, before the game

The greatest generation, indeed.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

With Veterans Day coming up this Friday, the Bruins hosted Military Appreciation Night tonight at the Garden.

Along with giving tickets and other swag to military members and their families, the Bruins honored two special guests at the pre-game puck drop: brothers Hugo and Ramo Riva of Taunton.

Both brother served in World War II: Ramo as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force and Hugo as a Staff Sergeant/Flight Engineer, also for the Air Force.

It was a pretty special puck drop, with 97-year-old Hugo pushing his 95-year-old brother Ramo in a wheelchair out to center ice.

Prior to the ceremony, the Bruins played a tribute video/interview with the two brothers, who are still very much “with it” in their late 90s.

Hugo told a story about how on one of his flights, a hydraulic line was severed by shrapnel, spraying red fluid everywhere.

Instead of panicking, Hugo pulled some caulk out of the windshield, jammed it in the line, twisted it with pliers and helped the plane land safely.

No big deal.

A few more pics:

It was a special ceremony honoring two members of the Greatest Generation, and was great to watch. Kudos to the Bruins for putting it together.