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Bruins vs. Rangers 11/8/17 PREVIEW: Empire State Showdown

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New York, Boston, all on national TV. What’s not to love?

NHL: New York Rangers at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Just the Facts:

The Time: 8pm EST

The Place: Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY

Place to Watch: NBCSN, also on this Stream page.

Place to Listen: 98.5 The Sports Hub

The Opposing SBNation Blog: Blueshirt Banter

Players to look out for:

  • Leading the Rangers in points and goals is Mika Zibanejad with 8 goals and 17 points.
  • King Henrik? Not lately. Lundqvist has been exactly at .900 in SV% on the year. Not that is backup, Ondrej Pavelec, is doing any better.
  • Kevin Shattenkirk and JT Miller have 15 points, the vast majority of them assists.
  • Boo Nievens. He’s just a fourth liner, but man, that’s a good name.

Game Preview:


[tries to light match to light fuse, it keeps getting blown out by the wind. Gives up after three matches wasted.]

Alright, so both Boston and NYR are coming into this game on the backs of 5-3 wins. One came from an absolute barnburner of a 2nd period from Boston, the other a pretty back and forth affair with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Boston, for all it’s faults (and there are plenty.) has managed to pull itself away from .500 and is at an okay 6-4-3, and have at least gotten points in most of their efforts in the past few weeks. This is especially important because the number of starting roster players they have on-hand is rather slim.

New York on the other hand, is having a real crisis of faith. In their team, their coach, and in their season as a whole. They’re 7-7-2 on the year and their consistency as a team has been anywhere from good to putrid depending on the wind, weather, and what day it is. This is NYR’s first Wednesday Night Rivalry game of the season, so it behooves them to play well.


Here’s what this rivalry used to look like before the Rangers were bad for an eternity and killed any fun this could’ve been in the long-term.