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Darren Dreger “senses” the Bruins will waive Beleskey within a week

Big time updates on RIVALRY NIGHT

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey insider Darren Dreger appeared on NBC Sports tonight during the first intermission, and had plenty to say about the Bruins.

Along with noting that he thinks that the Bruins and Zdeno Chara have had preliminary extension talks but that nothing is imminent due to both sides having plenty of time, he had some thoughts on Matt Beleskey.

Transcribed from NBC Sports (emphasis mine):

[Beleskey’s] in a tough spot, there’s no question about that, sense is that the Boston Bruins will likely put him on waivers within the next week or so. That’s not an indictment, per se, on the individual. If he passes through waivers, and, as you’ve just outlined, his contract...he’s a tough trade. Nobody wants to take on that deal with another two-plus years remaining.

Yowza, an intermission bombshell (or mini-bombshell, at least).

Dreger went on to say that the Bruins signed Beleskey to bring some toughness and Anaheim-style game to the team; however, he said Bruce Cassidy “doesn’t employ that type of player anymore.”

No more GRIT?!?!?!

It’s worth noting that Dreger said “sense,” not guarantee. However, if Dreger “senses” something, chances are he’s heard it from someone in the know.

The holiday roster freeze goes into effect a week from yesterday (Dec. 19) and runs through the 27th.

If the Bruins waive Beleskey, every other NHL team will have a chance to acquire him for nothing more than his salary. Per CBA guru Chris, if he clears, he can be sent to the AHL any time between the next 10 games or 30 days on the roster.

It’s sad that it’s come to this for Beleskey, but perhaps a stint in the AHL could give him a boost and get his NHL career back on track.