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Providence and Hershey have a line-brawl on Saturday, includes a goofy goalie fight


So Providence decked Hershey last night, scoring a season high six goals against them in a 6-2 beatdown, but that was hardly the most interesting thing about what happened at Giant Center in Pennsylvania last night.

The brawl happened midway through the second period, where Providence was riding high on a 4-0 lead, and a hit from behind from Kenny Agostino set off the powderkeg:

Which, out of all things, led to the following: Bears goaltender Phoenix Copley asking Jordan Binnington if he wanted to have a go. He obliged...

...which led to a fight so staged it might as well have had Jim Ross calling it. (Starts at 0:30 seconds in, credit to for the vid.)

Look, while goalie fights are interesting, because they rarely happen, there’s nothing about them that says they have to be good. Both players are wearing heavy padding and aren’t exactly super mobile to begin with. Combine this with the fact that Copley and Binnington were former St. Louis Blues prospects and teammates and friends, you can maybe start to understand why they spent 90% of it in a top wrist-lock and throwing token punches.

Still, an entertaining night for Providence fans if they happened to be in the arena, and a hilarious little goalie scrum to top off all that.

Providence gets a week off before they take on the Hartford Wolfpack on the weekend before Christmas Eve.