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Bruins vs. Sabres 12/19/17 RECAP: Bruins blank Sabres 3-0!


NHL: Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

First Period:

Do you like saves and letting goaltenders show their stuff? Then this was the period for you!

Do you like scoring during the first period?...why the hell would you want any of that? That sounds dumb.

In fairness, both sides were trying to get a grip on what they wanted to be, one looking pretty sluggish due to playing the night before, and the other just trying to get something...anything to work right.

We left this period with no goals, only shots.

Second Period:

Now this is where things get interesting.

Midway through the period, Jake DeBrusk has himself a fantastic sequence where he hits a self pass perfectly to get around Jason Pominville, setting him up perfectly for a laser of a shot that claims the life of Lehner’s water bottle. 1-0 Bruins!

Just appreciate everything that Jake DeBrusk is and everything he will be or might become. Also lol @ Pominville just doing nothing to stop him. The Sabres would spend the rest of the period trying their good goddamnedest to try and score on Anton Khudobin, but Dobby kept the scoresheet blank for Buffalo.

Third Period:

The Sabres were looking for something to even the odds, and found nothing. Anton Khudobin and Boston’s defense stood strong and didn’t bend against Buffalo’s onslaught, and Boston kept things interesting. Finally, as the Sabres grew desperate, they pulled Robin Lehner. The B’s put the 4th line on the ice, and former Sabre and NH native Tim Schaller the single luckiest empty netter he’s gonna score all year. 2-0 Bruins!

Then the Sabres tried it again, against their better judgement and...well...

Give David Backes some time and some space, and he’ll make something of it. 3-0 Bruins.

Really shoulda been your goal, Danton. Oh well!

And with that, Boston wins handily and Anton Khudobin gets the shutout!

Game Notes:

  • Your leaders in terms of possession were, in order: David Backes, Danton Heinen, Charlie McAvoy, Zdeno Chara, and Riley Nash.
  • Jake DeBrusk is really something, eh? He’s really put forth some real fantastic games lately.
  • Danton Heinen...c’mon, man. That goal was all yours, dude!
  • Wasn’t great a start for Boston in terms of shots on goal, but they picked it up. Sluggish starts in back to backs are pretty normal, I suppose.
  • Yet more people just walking in like they think they can fight Boston’s defense. When will they learn.
  • Big shoutouts to Anton Khudobin, who got the shutout and played phenomenally! Can’t ask for much more, really.

The Bruins are back in action on Thursday when the Winnipeg Jets come to town.