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Boston beat the Sens so bad a fan threw a jersey onto the ice

I think Ottawa’s in a mood.

The Bruins rebounded from their loss against Washington with a 5-0 asskicking, and Sens fans are so fed up with all this that they’ve gone to tossing their personal property on the ice to voice their complaints.

Yeah, just as the game ended, someone decided that they no longer wanted their Senators jersey and chucked it onto the ice.

Now, I personally am of two minds on this: Even if you don’t like how things are going, a hockey jersey is an expensive investment, worth at least two or three different ways to show your fandom, or better yet, at least two or three other ways to go and entertain yourself. Some you can just buy and plug into your TV. A sweater with letters and numbers on it? Even more so. There are much better ways to voice your frustration that don’t involve paying for parking, admission to the stadium, and buying a jersey. Presumably also with snacks and/or dinner bought during the intermissions inside the arena. Melnyk wins when you do that. He doesn’t see that as a message. He sees that as money in his greedy pocket.

On the other hand, the Sens have been brutal this year. And not just brutal, they play a decidedly unappealing, un-fun version of hockey that made sense to do about 20 years ago, and have an owner whose either a whiny manchild about having to pay for things and probably going to let their best player ever leave because he doesn’t want to pony up, or a crazy attention starved creep. I can completely understand being a die-hard fan of any team, including the Sens, and getting so frustrated by a 5-0 loss that you throw something. Especially if you’ve had a few.

I dunno, it’s just funny at this point. That Ottawa fan has a long way to go. I hope he gets a knockoff Erik Karlsson jersey to replace it. One that isn’t that disgusting Sens Pseudo-RBK Edge sweater.

...Maybe I’m more on board with this guy tossing that jersey on aesthetic reasons.