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World Juniors: First round Prospect Urho Vaakanainen named to Finland’s preliminary roster

The 2017 first rounder will be representing Finland at the World Juniors!

Okay, so this was announced about two days ago, but in fairness...I was not following Leijonat and most of the Liiga teams at the time. A mistake I won’t be repeating.

For those who don’t speak Suomalainen:

Urho Vaakanainen in for the lions at the Junior World Championships! #SaiPa #OurBoys

Vaakanainen has been playing for the very Bruins flavored SaiPa and has been doing pretty well, all things considered. 3 points in 20 games, and has been a net positive in the depth pairings, and has been a rock solid attendee on all of the Under-23 teams of the past three years.

Good luck to him and Finland, I hope he sticks around for the World Juniors!