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Bruins in the top 5 of most valuable teams, according to Forbes

Nothin’ but growth for the Boston Bruins hockey club.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Nashville Predators
There really isn’t a picture I can use for this news that doesn’t involve the IRL Mr. Burns so have this one instead
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

So Forbes puts out an annual list of most profitable sports teams by sport, and the NHL one came out today, with some not so surprising results:

The Bruins are also 6th in operating income, behind Pittsburgh, and 6th in overall revenue, behind Chicago.

What is surprising is that the Rangers have overtaken the Leafs, generally considered one of the richest teams on the planet, in overall revenue and income. I guess Madison Square Garden and being in a ridiculously expensive city does a lot for you.

But yeah, no real surprises here. 5 of the Original 6 are valuable at them moment, all of ‘em are turning a profit, and all of them in enormous markets with entrenched cultures of hockey.

Other info:

  • Three teams in the south had enormous value boosts, but Florida is the only one operating at a loss.
  • The Sabres are operating at a loss. Lol

Anything else surprising you here?