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Bruins vs. Lightning 1/31/17 RECAP: Boston has a hell of a night as they take down Tampa Bay 4-3.

It was back and forth, it was (at one point) a real white-knuckle watch, and it was a blood pressure nightmare. But Boston has that all important regulation win.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

First Period:

Boston’s usually pretty good at getting a good amount of shots on net, not during this start, however.

Boston had a real issue trying to get chances directly onto Ben Bishop, with the puck exploding off of their sticks every time it so much as touched it, the opportunities around Bishop weren’t all that good to begin with, and the chances Tampa got on Rask were much better than what Boston was putting on. Not that Colin Miller cared.

The period ended in one of the weirdest ways for Boston. They were outshot.

That would be fixed soon in period 2.

Second Period:

Then all the scoring in the world happened as the ice practically parted like the red sea to create fantastic scoring chances for both sides.

Opening the night’s scoring was Tampa’s Alex Killorn, who got the opener by threading the puck past McQuaid and Backes and ended up in the back of the net. 1-0 Lightning.

Not ideal for shot blockers to not be blocking shots. This play started when Boston got completely caught off guard by the fierce forechecking of Tampa.

Boston would then spend the rest of the period with Ben Bishop under their siege. They tried everything in their power to just hammer the puck past him, and after cycle after cycle, chance after chance, towards the end of the period Boston would even it up as Patrice Bergeron tipped in his 12th goal of the season on a strong couple of plays by the 1st line. 1-1 Everybody.

What can you say? The guy’s just perfect.

The Bruins would keep the pressure on until literally the last second as the Krejci line buzzed the Lightning’s zone until it’s namesake put home a laser wristshot before the period expired. 2-1 Bruins.

The ongoing joke of David Krejci having control over time and space is not an unwarranted one.

Third Period:

This is where things got fun.

Well, okay. It didn’t start fun. Early on, Boston lost a faceoff in the defensive zone, Riley Nash and Adam McQuaid lost Alex Killorn in front of Rask and Killorn was allowed to choose however he desired to score on him, choosing a backhander he couldn’t have had an opportunity at. 2-2.

Things would look up, however as Boston and Tampa began trading penalties like it was their job. 3 minutes later as a power play was just wrapping up, The Captain Zdeno Chara took a smart pass from Colin Miller and blasted it home to put the Bruins up. 3-2 Bruins.

More penalties traded, more players getting rough with each other, and Boston cashes in on the power play as Frank Vatrano puts a bullet past Ben Bishop. 4-2 Bruins.

This would probably have finished most other games with most other Boston Bruins teams. As we know this year, that is NOT an available option for them. If they’re gonna win, they’re gonna have to earn it, as Brayden Point managed to get the puck past Rask on the deflection to make it 4-3 with the goalie pulled, giving all supporters of Black and Gold no small amount of Agita.

But thankfully, Boston put their noses to the grindstone, kept Rask’s crease empty for the remaining minutes, and got an all-important 2 points on a night where everyone chasing them and everyone ahead of them dropped a game. They play tonight at 8pm in Washington.

Game Notes:

  • Brad Marchand got away with a dumb clip of Anton Stralman that will absolutely get him a call from the league, if not a strong talking to from management. Guy’s good, but he’s really gotta cut down on this. If for no other reason than Boston kind of needs him.
  • Your possession leaders for tonight’s game were, in order: Colin Miller (by a WIDE margin), Riley Nash, David Krejci, Matt Beleskey, and Kevan Miller.
  • Speaking of Colin Miller, that save was great and everything but this game was a quick manifesto on what it’s like to probably be the most impressive defenseman on Boston’s youthful roster of blueliners. He was everywhere and everything Boston needed last night.
  • Bergeron tallying is also good news. Maybe he’s finally getting out of his Shooting-% slump?
  • Krejci’s goal was awesome. I hope he’s also coming out of his shooting problems.
  • Be good to each other.

See ya for the Caps game!