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Vegas doesn’t like Boston’s odds to win it all

But hey, it’s just odds, right?

Discover NHL Shootout Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

As per the odds brought up today, Bovada of Las Vegas doesn’t seem to like Boston’s chances of making the playoffs.

Per their Email:

Odds to win the 2017 Stanley Cup (Teams in Italics have longer odds, teams in Bold have shorter odds, and teams with neither stayed the same)

Current Odds (2/1/17)

  1. Washington Capitals: 6/1
  2. Chicago Blackhawks: 7/1
  3. Minnesota Wild: 8/1
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins: 8/1
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets: 9/1
  6. Montreal Canadiens: 12/1
  7. New York Rangers: 12/1
  8. Edmonton Oilers: 14/1
  9. Anaheim Ducks: 18/1
  10. San Jose Sharks: 18/1
  11. Nashville Predators: 25/1
  12. St. Louis Blues: 25/1
  13. Los Angeles Kings: 28/1
  14. Toronto Maple Leafs: 28/1
  15. Boston Bruins: 33/1
  16. Tampa Bay Lightning: 33/1
  17. Calgary Flames: 40/1
  18. Dallas Stars: 40/1
  19. Ottawa Senators: 40/1
  20. Philadelphia Flyers: 40/1
  21. Florida Panthers: 50/1
  22. Vancouver Canucks: 66/1
  23. Winnipeg Jets: 66/1
  24. Buffalo Sabres: 100/1
  25. Carolina Hurricanes: 100/1
  26. Detroit Red Wings: 100/1
  27. New Jersey Devils: 200/1
  28. Arizona Coyotes: Off the Board
  29. Colorado Avalanche: Off the Board
  30. New York Islanders: Off the Board

So yeah, Boston in this case is kinda sitting in the middle of the pack in terms of odds to win the whole damn thing.

Micah at goes one deeper, and says it’s less than a 50% chance on probability whether or not Boston makes the playoffs:

But like all things Vegas, you might wanna keep your hand on that dial and stare at the results before you call up your bookie. You will notice if you can parse the differences in color on that graph that Boston’s trending up, and there are plenty of games to go.

Anything can happen, right?