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A Boston Adieu

a #JulienSmearCampaign is brewing

NHL: Boston Bruins at Chicago Blackhawks
It is all in jest, Claude Julien
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week has been a boon for wags on the internet to bid Claude Julien a fond farewell.

  • Fans are affectionately showing Claude Julien the door by posting a teasing smear campaign on Twitter. CBS Boston
  • In all seriousness, his departure merits fanfare- as will his first return to Boston. There have been precidents set for former Boston sports heroes to return in victory. Boston Herald
  • With a highly motivated Julien behind the bench, just watch the Canadiens protect their first place in the Atlantic Division. Max Pacioretty and Shea Weber are doubtless very pleased, for reasons. Boston Globe
  • Could that motivation be... REVENGE? Discuss! ESPN
  • Certain contractual legalities were involved in the coaching change, as outlined here. Forbes
  • The Bruins simply MUST make the playoffs now, because they need to face off against the Habs. WEEI
  • Bruins fans aren’t the only ones salivating over this juicy matchup! Raw Charge
  • A middling Bruins team squeaking into the playoffs makes a much better first-round opponent for the Habs than any wild card contender from the much stronger Metropolitan division. Providence Journal
  • The return of Matt Bartkowski to the Providence Bruins has come full circle- he has been released from his contract. @MarkDivver No worries- he was picked up on a PTO by the Flames! Fanrag Sports
  • Remember goalie Jeremy Smith? He made his NHL debut last night- unfortunately, the Avalanche did not win. Denver Post