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SCOC Midseason Report Cards: Ryan Spooner

The skilled center has been all over the place in terms of place in lineup, performance, and has finally returned to his natural position. What a ride.

Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images


Ryan Spooner has been the lines-journeyman.

Due to a plethora of injuries, Spooner for some of the year played wing in the top 6 and then played in the depth for most of the year, bringing that same effortless afterburner style of skating where he can just hit the button and be off to the races.

But where he’s excelled this year is as a Power Play performer, where his ability to make smart passes and create goals at his leisure.

One thing that is a serious problem for him on the other hand, is that he is a “fun” player. Which means at least in terms of analytics he tends to put up a lot of shots...but he gives up a lot of them too. Spooner’s defensive game is generally not all that good, and on some nights it cost’s Boston big time.

This has not changed much at all now that he’s finally found his way back to his natural position...and then some. The Third line has been, with and without him, inconsistent in getting shot to the net and being a liability in their own end more often than not. And Spooner is no exception in this regard.

But so far, Spooner’s play has once again made him an interesting, yet sometimes concerning, part of a team that desperately needs goals, so that’s definitely helpful to him.

Grade: B-

One can only imagine what he’d be like if he could start and finish a season in the same position. But that’s a pipe dream. As of right now, he’s been good in his role, but he desperately needs a winger who isn’t either all offense or all defense. A two way winger would do him big favors.


Games Played: 53

Goals: 7

Assists: 18

Points: 25

Shooting-%: 6.69%

Season CF% as of 2/1/17: 54.73%

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