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The Bruins began their West Coast trip with a big win

NHL: Boston Bruins at San Jose Sharks
Ryan Spooner works his magic
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins returned to action by beating the San Jose Sharks 2-1 in overtime. It was a late night for many of us on the East Coast.

  • This synopsis of the game notes that the third period was well paced- not a single whistle was heard. Boston Sports Pub
  • The Bruce Cassidy gang won on Brad Marchand ‘s OT breakaway five-hole snipe on Martin Jones . Immediately prior, Patrice Bergeron won the faceoff (natch) and Torey Krug lofted the breakout pass. Boston Globe
  • The Bruins bucked the trend of other NHL teams, who lost their games returning to action after their “bye” weeks, and blocked a lot of Sharks shots in the process. Boston Herald
  • Don’t be lulled into thinking the Bruins’ earlier troubles are all over, but last night they were able to contain Brent Burns and earn two points. WEEI
  • Don’t rush to credit the Bruins’ uptick simply to the coaching change. Their numbers were eventually going to turn around. The Hockey News
  • At home in Colorado for the “bye” week, Brandon Carlo studiously ignored the rumored trade that would send him to the Avalanche. Boston Globe
  • Kirk Luedeke et al. dig deep into the Bruins’ coaching change in their latest podcast. Also, the Bruins have surprisingly held their own in the standings race despite others’ games in hand (Audio, 1:03:37) Scouting Post
  • How many of us were waiting to see how “Behind the B” would spin the Claude Julien firing? Here’s your chance to find out! (Video, 21:44) Bruins NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • A reporter experienced the Canucks vs. Flames game viewing in virtual reality, with mixed results- he certainly amused his wife. National Post
  • Walk a mile on the moccasins of a hockey scout. Hope for a continued career in the sport springs eternal even when being a player isn’t in the cards. New York Times
  • You can count the kinds of NHL trades to expect at the deadline on one hand. Actually, on less than one hand- only three fingers are necessary! Hockeybuzz
  • Don’t fall for these “common knowledge” clichés about hockey- they just ain’t true. (Video, 4:00) MSG Networks
  • The Blackhawks have shown their gratitude to their emergency backup goalie by gifting him a sweet Dave Gunnarsson mask. Second City Hockey
  • Claude Julien will snap those Canadiens back into shape, and you KNOW it is true because Don Cherry says so. (With video) Sportsnet The Habs lost no time in making him an offer- he was not going to sit idle, as several teams were interested and one other was in active negotiation with him. Sportsnet
  • The NHL is going to issue rule books to officials... in Braille. NO, REALLY! The Elbow