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Yeah, it is a bit early to say it, but hope springs eternal

NHL: Boston Bruins at San Jose Sharks
David Krejci manipulating time and space
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins are back in action tomorrow in Anaheim against the Ducks. Brew your pot of coffee and meet us here at 10:30PM on NESN.

  • Bruce Cassidy is in a position to set a new league record of his own with the Bruins’ fast start under his leadership. Anton Khudobin will get one of the next two starts. Boston Globe
  • Dare we hope the Bruins under Cassidy are now a playoff team? Hockey Writers
  • A visit to Anaheim begs the question- what is up with Matt Beleskey? WEEI
  • David Krejci has been looking more like himself of late, which always bodes well for his team’s playoff hopes. Newburyport News
  • The Avalanche and Bruins failed to reach a mutually acceptable trade deal. It appears the Avs were asking more than the Bruins cared to give. Hockeybuzz
  • Meanwhile, in Providence, it was a good weekend against strong opponents. Zane McIntyre remains unbeaten in regulation. The Providence Bruins went 0-10 on the power play- welp. Providence Journal
  • Lend the good folks at Scouting Post your ears- “Ask The Amigos!” Discussion includes the backup and prospect goaltenders situation and why this may be the draft to dip into the well again. (Audio, 47:18) Scouting Post
  • While he is at Notre Dame, Anders Bjork makes time for another classroom, this one is full of third graders that think the sun rises and sets on their “Mr. B”- and the feeling is mutual. Bruins NHL
  • Over at the University of Wisconsin, Trent Frederic is causing many who questioned his first round draft pick status to eat crow. Causeway Crowd
  • Old guys rule. The Lightning alumni beat the Bruins alumni- it was all in fun. NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Here’s another take on the NHL Top 100 Players list- that greatness is relative to each fan’s perception. South Coast Today
  • Paul Stewart reminisces about being the first NHL official to wear a microphone to announce penalties. Bonus- Enjoy a few of Wes McCauley’s entertaining calls, including one on Torey Krug . (With video) Hockeybuzz
  • Here’s a synopsis of the top 25 NHLers ready to move at trade deadline. None are Bruins, but apparently the Bruins have interest in the right acquisitions at the right price. Fourth Period
  • The Arizona Coyotes just say NO to “The Wave.” Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! SBNation
  • The Bruins vs. Sharks on Sunday were among other featured NHL matchups on NBCSN’s “Hockey Day in America” broadcast. Viewership was down for the event. Sports Media Watch