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Much depends upon how each player is slotted into the lineup

Boston Bruins v Anaheim Ducks
Matt Beleskey meets future teammate Zdeno Chara along the boards in Anaheim

Caffeinated fans at home in Boston can watch the Bruins play the Anaheim Ducks tonight at (yawn) 10:30PM ET on NESN.

  • Bruce Cassidy’s adjustments in player deployment have made immediate impact (yes, yes... sample size!) Just look at the numbers on which players now are assigned offensive vs. defensive zone faceoffs, including the denizens of the fourth line. Causeway Crowd
  • There have been a couple of notable shuffles that include Zdeno Chara on power play unit #2 along with moving Ryan Spooner back to center. Watch for the return of former Duck Matt Beleskey tonight. Boston Globe
  • Spooner understands that playing with defensive responsibility is on him, but is glad for the chance to play to his offensive strengths again. Boston Herald
  • The Bruins face an Anaheim team that is, well, just not firing on all cylinders. Fox Sports
  • Up until the coaching change, the Western teams were probably salivating for the Bruins’ arrival. They were not expecting an energized opponent on a win streak. Metro Boston
  • The one lingering question is what should the Bruins do (or more importantly for the future, NOT DO) as trade deadline approaches? Bruins Daily

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The NHL has proposed that the schedule dedicate only two consecutive weeks in which all teams must complete their bye weeks. NBC Sports
  • The Long Read- Apparently, enmity for the way the NHL bye week scheduling was handled is near universal. NBCSN continues to air the Penguins in heavy rotation (perversely until a major NHL record is on the line) while offering the worst studio show (and don’t even start about Mike Milbury!) Buffalo News
  • Speaking of the Pens, they and the Flyers are due to play outside this weekend. The NHL and Heinz Field are strategizing for the warm weather that has been forecast. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • The 50 best players waiting in the wings to make the NHL include two Bruins prospects. TSN
  • Watch the movement on this updated list of the 40 players in the trade spotlight. TSN
  • Technology will be the hook to draw younger fans to the NHL, and this may lead to improvements to the NHL app and maybe regionally streamed games. Wall Street Journal
  • THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Have player representatives finally gone too far in targeting pre-teens? The Hockey News