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Herald: Bruins likely to stand pat at the deadline

A report from a respected beat writer indicates that Dealin’ Don is OK with not dealing.

2016 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Jen Fuller/Getty Images

The trade deadline is next week, and the Bruins’ recent upswing in quality of play has put even more eyes on GM Don Sweeney.

Will he upgrade the defense? Trade a forward? Get another back-up goalie?

Apparently the answer is “D) None of the above.”

From Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald:


Sweeney’s further comments, from a piece written by Harris for the Herald:

“I’m sort of doing my due diligence on which players will be available with a better understanding of what the costs are going to be. I haven’t been necessarily 100 percent saying I’m going to (make a trade). For me, it’s probably erring on the other side of it, saying we may not.”

Candid comments from a guy who is definitely feeling some heat from above.

It’s entirely possible that nothing worthwhile has come across Sweeney’s desk in recent days, and that the next few days could still see some activity.

However, if Sweeney is, indeed, leaning more toward standing pat instead of making a splash, it’s probably the best thing for the franchise.

With a guy like Patrick Eaves fetching a second-round pick (one that could rise to a first, based on conditions) and Kevin Shattenkirk commanding outrageous money, the price to acquire any sort of impact player would probably be ridiculous.

If the deadline comes and goes with nothing doing for Don, how does that sit with you?