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Boston misses out on Kevin Shattenkirk as he goes to Washington

Wait he went for what now

Toronto Maple Leafs v St. Louis Blues

And another one bites the dust.

The news broke tonight that Kevin Shattenkirk would be coming to the Eastern Conference as part of the Washington Capitals.

The price...seemed pretty reasonable, actually.

Couple of corrections:

  • Zach Sanford is going to St. Louis. Randford does not exist.
  • The second is conditional...and appears to not exist unless Washington is putting another trade together for said second.
  • UPDATE: A goalie prospect in Phoenix Copley.

And...that’s about it.

One of the better offensive players in the entire NHL on defense and no slouch in his own right ended up in Washington for a number of picks and a player who ended up with 14 points in the AHL.


If this is what name talent in the NHL is going for, even as a rental, it’s becoming clear that Don might need to start making phone calls.