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2017 NHL Trade Deadline: Should the Bruins look at Jannik Hansen?

Hansen’s name has been rumoured to be on the trade block, but should the Bruins make the call?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been mentioned by the Boston Globe that Don Sweeney should be looking at Radim Vrbata as a depth piece with the potential to move up if needed. However, there’s someone else Sweeney should look at first that would fit with this team even better: Jannik Hansen.

First off, Hansen is 30 compared to Vrbata being 36. With already enough debate as to aging forwards on a team where youth is now being showcased, Hansen fits the bill a bit better there. Both are right-handed shots, so they provide left-right balance in the lineup as well. Where it really counts is the stats, so where do each line up?

Hansen gets a hair less ice time, but they both trend to be second liners on their respective teams. The biggest thing to look at right now is shooting percentage and Hansen’s sits at 10.7%, compared to an 8.1% for Vrbata. On a team where shooting percentage has done nothing but go up (whether it’s by more scoring or better quality shots is another discussion entirely), it’s much better to add someone who continues that trend, not go against it.

One thing that works in Vrbata’s favor is his cap hit is lower than Hansen’s a good bit, $1 million as opposed to $2.5 million, but the Bruins have enough space to handle it, and clear some in the trade if they so choose. As far as the likelihood of this happening? Hansen was as much on the trade wire as Alex Burrows, and has reportedly submitted a list of eight teams he’d accept a trade with to the Canucks front office. If the Bruins are on that list? Well, then it’s a move I’d really like to see. If not? Then I’d be hard pressed to see it done. 4/10