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One Liners

No joke- how long can Patrice Bergeron and his line carry this team?

NHL: Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers
The Three Musketeers
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Bruins host the Maple Leafs tomorrow night at 7:00PM on NESN.
  • Bad news- the Maple leafs arrive with games in hand. Good news- the Bruins don’t play again until Thursday, and are due a bye week for rest. They need it. Boston Globe
  • Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask did not practice today. WEEI
  • Brad Marchand needs to mend his ways before retaliation costs his team. Vice Sports
  • What might the Bruins be willing to pay for a chance to have Kevin Shattenkirk , even just as a rental? WEEI
  • The burning question- are the playoffs in the Bruins’ future? Discuss. Fox Sports

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Much depends upon an NHL team’s backup goaltender. You’re telling US? Sportsnet
  • A few reminiscences about the California Golden Seals include pranks on the team plane and very specific requests for tickets for the Hell’s Angels. ESPN