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Watch the Bruins’ press conference

Watch and keep up with what Don, Cam, and Bruce have to say about the team.

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Opening Statements

First thing Sweeney says is he by no means did this today to diminish from the accomplishments of the Patriots.

Sweeney was not ready, with his vision of the Bruins, to commit to Julien long-term.

He’s talking a lot about the future of this team.

Sweeney really pumping his own tires about not trading Pastrnak and admitting there were shortcomings with the team.


Don Sweeney

Again, not trying to mute the accomplishment of the Patriots, just taking advantage of the few days between now and their next game on Thursday against the Sharks to get Cassidy a few practices.

Cam seemingly blames PR for scheduling the press conference during the parade.

Sweeney shows fault in his player evaluation process, says there were plans before and during the season that getting impact players would have required the team to deviate from plans they had for players.

Backup goaltending certainly causing confusion, the injury to Malcolm Subban has affected his play, the thought also being an undefeated Zane McIntyre would have helped.

What’s the plan for this team? We don’t know. Whatever it is, Sweeney says he isn’t deviating from it.

Claude vision and “the plan” just didn’t seem to line up, according to Sweeney.

Carlo is a big example of the plan working, says Sweeney.

“There’s an opportunity for a new set of eyes to come in and a new voice for our players to hear, so I hope their ears are perked up,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney would rather a move be made for a player who would work in the long term, not just a rental.

The second mention of Butch having practices at a high-intensity pace.

Don feels the heat every day, apparently. Trying not to make it three seasons without the playoffs, he does not accept losing.

Sweeney hammering home that Cassidy is certainly an interim, though he could be a candidate for the full time HC job. Sweeney will make a list of possible candidates, spend time interviewing before making a decision. It also looks like the decision will be made closer to this summer. No initial contact or conversations with anyone outside the group. He rules himself out as a choice for the job.

Sweeney believes Claude will get a job fast with another organization.

Bruce Cassidy

“The team is not that far away from winning games.”

“We're not going to re-invent the wheel.” Cassidy likes a lot of what’s in place, just tweaking different things to generate more finish.

“I thought we let [Claude] down, and every coach should feel that way. But the focus now is on getting better every day.”

Not being just a face off the street, Cassidy wants to use that to his advantage.

“I’m not going to approach this as an interim coach. I’m gonna be a head coach in every manner.”

How has the league changed since Cassidy was last a HC? “No more mullets.”