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Peter Cehlarik called up, Austin Czarnik on IR

Providence’s leading scorer practiced on the 2nd line today during...all of that.

Hi Pete

As we whirlwind our way through the firing of Claude Julien, we have to remember there’s still a hockey season to play out (I guess.)

Austin Czarnik was placed on injured reserve as Providence luminary talent Peter Cehlarik got the call to come to Boston.

Cehlarik in Providence has made his bread: he leads Providence with 18 goals with 40 games played. He is frequently considered one of the better wing prospects Boston has in it’s system.

At this point?...Hell, let’s give the kid a shot. What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, you could have a 10m dollar third line, for one thing:

Hey, if nothing else, it gets the kid exposure he’ll need. That line will be fun.