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Bruins fans ranked third-most loyal in the NHL

Do you agree that two teams’ fans are more loyal than you?

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports recently released their fan loyalty rankings for the NHL, and you, Mr./Ms. Boston Bruins fan, finished third among the league’s 30 (soon to be 31) teams.

The full rankings:

As you can see, the only two fanbases that beat out the Bruins were the Blackhawks (reasonable) and the Penguins (lmao sure).

Here’s a link to the full study, which breaks down how the rankings were calculated. Some of it makes sense (arena attendance), while some are a little suspect at best (hard to have “above average arena occupancy” when your team doesn’t sell standing room tickets).

From Fanatics, the Bruins:

  • Had the third-highest average arena occupancy over the course of the study
  • Had the second-largest social media following
  • Were fourth in average team jersey sales

While this study is backed by actual data, it’s mostly meant in good fun and to spark discussion.

What do you think? Are Blackhawks and Penguins fans more loyal than you? Any teams that should be higher?