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Patrice Bergeron got laid out by Nikita Soshnikov with a gross hit.

Soshnikov has made an enemy of Boston this day.

Boston Bruins v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

During the 1st period of this game, it’s been pretty enormously chippy and scrum-heavy. And one such scrum came after Nikita Soshnikov plowed Patrice Bergeron directly into the boards head first.

Video Courtesy of CrzyCanucklehead

Right on the numbers the whole way on a player whose had a history of concussions. Soshnikov absolutely deserved his penalty.

Thankfully Bergeron was okay and got back up, but then went after Soshnikov and got a matching penalty for Roughing.

I personally think Soshnikov can punch his ticket to hell for striking a saint in such a manner, but what do you think? Cheap or not?