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Charlie McAvoy could be signed to an ATO by the end of the week. This is a good thing.

Boston’s 1st round defenseman could be part of the system as early as April 1st

Team Unites States v Team Russia - Semifinal - 2017 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

BU’s top Bruins prospects will be returning to the Commonwealth Avenue side of things for the time being. McAvoy has explicitly stated that he’ll be finishing final exams like the good student he is before signing with Boston, which is at the very least the end of this week or a little into next, depending on classes, as Uncle Bob was able to learn:

This is probably the best option for McAvoy, The Bruins and Don Sweeney for the time being. Realistic or not, Boston’s expectations right now are that they have to win tonight and more or less every other night after it to avoid not making the postseason. McAvoy returns to playoff level hockey if he ends up sticking around in Providence as the P-Bruins are looking to be going to the Calder Cup playoffs by the end of April.

And of course, with the high stakes the Bruins are dealing with and the perhaps...tense? nature of Bruins fans right now? It’d be a very bad first impression that’d be very difficult to shake if McAvoy had anything less than a “very good” first game with the big club coming right out of the NCAA tournament. Better to get him in the AHL where he can get used to the pro level play and with what is expected of him.

I for one, am ready to see him in that slick Providence gold.

Here’s hoping this signing gets hammered out soon so he can help secure the P-Bruins Calder Cup run!