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Brad Marchand is a point per game

He’s elite as heck

NHL: Dallas Stars at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

With the second goal of tonight’s game, where Brad Marchand had the second assist on Torey Krug’s goal, Brad Marchand scored his 83rd point on the season. So, he’s definitely officially a point-per-game on the season.

The last player to do that was....Torey Krug! Of course, he did it with one assist in 1 game back in 2012-13 on his way to skewering the Rangers in the playoffs. In non-ridiculous examples, the last player was Marc Savard in 2008-09.

Then Marc Savard in 2007-08.

Then Marc Savard in 2006-07.

We miss you, Marc.

Way to go, Brad!