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Shawn Thornton has no time for Alexei Emelin

The former Bruin pulled no punches after another cheap play.

NHL: Preseason-Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Alexei Emelin is sneaky the least-likeable Canadien.

He's prone to cheap plays and sell-out hits, but never seems to answer the bell when people come calling.

His built-in excuse is that he can't fight due to having a plate in his head, but at least one player doesn't seem to care: former Bruin Shawn Thornton.

Thornton went off on Emelin after last night's loss in Montreal. Why? Emelin delivered a cheapshot to the head of Panthers captain Derek MacKenzie, then dropped to the ice and turtled when Thornton came calling.

After the game, Thornton went off.

Emelin has had his moments against the Bruins, notably blowing out his knee when trying to hit Milan Lucic and turtling when Zdeno Chara went after him following a slash on Tyler Seguin.

This isn't going to change much, and Emelin will do what he does, but it's nice to see a player call him out for what he is.