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Just Drew It

Drew Stafford has made himself quite welcome in Boston

NHL: Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators
Brandon Carlo and Chris Kelly battle
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Ottawa Senators host the Bruins tonight at 7:30PM on NESN.

  • If you missed it on Saturday night, here are a few notes from the Bruins 3-2 win over the Devils and around the league. Drew Stafford made a nice fit into the third line. The Bruins power play has gone tepid. Adam McQuaid looks like one tough hombre with 25 stitches holding his head onto his neck. Boston Globe
  • Here’s one suggestion for casting Stafford in his biopic. It may be a little soon for that, but he did come up big for his new team, even as he received the traditional welcome-to-Boston called back goal. CBS Boston
  • David Pastrnak ‘s speed and skill allow his coach to move him seamlessly between lines. He relishes the opportunity to take opponents one-on-one. Boston Globe
  • Maybe what WASN’T done at trade deadline was the right boost for Anton Khudobin’s confidence. The Score
  • As the Bruins rise in the standings, their new interim coach may be able to drop the word “interim” soon. WEEI
  • Much depends on tonight’s game against the Senators. The Bruins will face a Guy Boucher team designed to stymie their attack strategy. (With video) Patriot Ledger
  • Lissen up! The Bruins are starting to take some chances, and will meet a team tonight that may be a first-round playoff opponent. Just don’t dwell on what happened last year at the season’s end. Cheer up! A dynamic bunch of prospects will be feeding into the roster soon. Bonus- conjecture on what ailed Patrice Bergeron early this season. (Audio, 13:04 GOTCHA- you may recognize the Bruins insider) TSN
  • Meanwhile, in Providence, the PBruins had a mixed bag weekend, losing a winnable game in Albany on Friday but then closing strong on Sunday at home against Lehigh Valley. They are getting balanced scoring from many players. Patriot Ledger

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • It is time again for the NHL General Managers to mull the questions of the day. No surprise that the Coach’s Challenge rules are under scrutiny, along with those surrounding icing. TSN A handful of other topics will likely come up behind closed doors, and maybe some Golden Knights trade talk will occur. TSN
  • Guess who was in town for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference? Sloan Sports Conference Andrew Ference has been working on his sustainable, post-hockey career path BostInno and took time out to catch up with a few friends @Ferknuckle Here is the sort of thing one discovers at the conference- numbers don’t lie, and humans are fallible. National Post
  • It has been a long winter up north in Portland, Maine without professional hockey. Four mysterious bidders now vie to remedy the situation. Press Herald