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Do you want to buy Patrice Bergeron’s condo?

It appears Patrice & his family are moving on to bigger digs

Boston Bruins v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Are you a Bruins fan who happens to have a couple million dollars lying around?

Have I got a deal for you! posted a story yesterday about Patrice Bergeron’s North End condo being for sale.

The price? A cool $1.6 million.

Via Matterport, the place has some pretty awesome views of the city.

via Matterport

Check out some more pictures of the place here.

With a one-year-old son, chances are Bergeron is just moving to a bigger place.

However, I probably should have changed the title of the post to “Bergeron’s house for sale; is he leaving the Bruins?!?!” just for fun.

Remember, Zdeno Chara got his real estate license a couple years ago just for fun, because Zdeno Chara is a true Renaissance Man.

Couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t the listing agent for the sale.

Is there locker room trouble brewing?!?!!? MY COLUMN:

No word yet on whether or not buying the condo makes you as good at hockey as Patrice Bergeron.