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The NHL probably isn’t going to the 2018 Olympics, cites season “disruption” for reason why

The NHL thinks a season being disrupted for players representing their country (and by extension, the NHL) isn’t enough to send them

2017 NHL All-Star - Media Day Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The GM meetings have finished up and while the hotly debated bye week, coaches challenge, and even timeouts following icings were hard fought issues, one particular one still remains the same, and that is the NHL not going to the 2018 Winter Olympiad in Pyeongchang. As far as the Owner’s mouthpiece and NHL Commissioner is concerned, it’s been a tired issue for awhile.

"There's absolutely nothing new...I think the overwhelming sentiment of the teams is that it's very disruptive on the season and there's somewhere between fatigue and negativity on the subject."

The NHL hasn’t set up any meetings with the IOC or IIHF, nor does it seem interested in doing so. The NHL did however, express interest in going in 2022 when the Olympics will be held in Beijing, as Bill Daly explained:

"It's not the exact same equation in 2022...Certainly there's a little more business opportunity in the Chinese Games, (but) it creates the same disruption (to the season)."

Sorry Korea. Your streak of being completely ignored by American sports even if your populace seems interested in at least three of the major four sports will have to continue. China’s where the real money’s at, after all. How much does a Won get you for, anyway.

The NHL’s made this point abundantly clear in the past and there’s no reason to believe they’ll change it unless the IOC/IIHF demand an answer from them, and it is clear that the participating state federations wouldn’t have to really go too far to create new teams based on World Junior and IIHF World Championship performances, but it is a real drag that the NHL can’t see the forest for the trees and try to drum up some positive buzz for a potential lucrative market instead of say...seeing a good peformance by NHL talent in Pyeongchang...which is currently a mere 2 hour flight to Beijing and only an hour ahead? Just saying, any reporters coming in from China are probably gonna have nothing but positive stuff to say if the action is good from having world-class talent like Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby, Victor Hedman etc. etc. at the games. All that free promotion...

But hey if you’d rather let the KHL have a four year headstart on you with Kunlun RedStar that’s your decision, collection of oligarchical pals.