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Patrice Bergeron is ready for Playoff Hockey. Are you?

Saint Patrice pours out his heart, soul, and rib cartilage in the Player’s Tribune.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens
Nose to the grindstone, stick to the ice.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Patrice Bergeron took to the Player’s Tribune today to emphasize what the Bruins’ leadership really wants, and that’s not just to qualify for the playoffs.

Bergeron doesn’t just preach tenacity and leadership, he exhibits it - and while it’s rubbed off on the Bruins faithful, it sounds like he’s going to emphasize it to the new players in the room. Bruins Hockey is not a phrase, or a career - it’s a way of life.

From faith in the Garden Faithful to confidence in his teammates, Bergeron continues to lead by example. “And now what excites me most is that we possess all the same elements of the teams I’ve been on that have made long playoff runs.

And that’s what we expect to do.”

Read this. Get chills. Crack beers. WATCH PLAYOFF HOCKEY.