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Have you ever wanted trash-picked skates?

Today is your lucky day!

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Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Shawn Thornton, Boston’s favorite enforcer, retired last week after playing in more than 700 NHL games.

After the game ended, he threw his skates in the trash, really emphasizing the whole “I’m done” thing.

However, an intrepid Panthers staffer refused to let the skates end up in a dumpster somewhere, and they’ve made their way to the internet, where you can buy them on eBay.

The auction proceeds will go to the Shawn Thornton Foundation. Interest in the auction was so intense early on Friday that eBay temporarily suspended the auction; it looks like it’s back up now.

If you have the money and want a unique piece of memorabilia, check out the auction and place a bid.

Buyer beware, though: the price was over $500 when this post went up.