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Malcolm Subban called up, Zane McIntyre sent down, but you probably shouldn’t worry about it either way

There’s no need to panic, move along people.

Washington Capitals v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

So today on “emergency basis”, Malcolm Subban was called up.

From what we can tell, Rask is fine, better than fine, he was fantastic and finished strong on Wednesday night. Zane McIntyre is fine, and is currently playing in LeHigh Valley for Providence and Subban’s likely to be just as fine along with them.

Anton Khudobin however, either has a nagging injury or an illness that’s been going from the last bits of the regular season in April and March, so one can assume any future call-ups in goal right now are for the benefit of getting Anton Khudobin back to 100%, and reps for both McIntyre and Subban with NHL level talent. Everybody wins and all three could use the extra work and practice to stay frosty.

Worst case possible from this is that Tuukka still plays, there’s just a different face working the bench doors for a night or so. No reason to be alarmed or concerned.

That said, let’s all get pumped for tomorrow!