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Denna Laing finishes Boston Marathon with a little help from Ex-NHLer Bobby Carpenter

A feel-good story from another successful Marathon day!

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Hosts 'A Magical Evening' - Inside Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Denna Laing is awesome, guys.

A horrifying spinal chord injury leaving her quadriplegic in her first pro season, Laing has since adjusted to life post-hockey, having become an advocate to those in the same situation she’s been in since her injury, and today was no different as she was accompanied by Beverly native Bobby Carpenter in a team effort to finish the Marathon for Journey Forward, a non-profit group dedicated to helping better the lives of those who’ve suffered severe spinal chord injuries

Laing and Carpenter smashed through their goal of $53,000 in a fantastic effort by both, and had this to say to CBS Boston immediately following the race...

Denna, on the marathon:

(it was) Everything and more, y’know? My voice is gone because I said hello to everyone in the crowd and I felt like everyone was screaming my name, it was just so awesome.

And it deserved to be awesome for a hell of a person in Denna.

Carpenter, also on the marathon:

“....We had some wind behind our backs, the sun was behind some clouds, it went extremely well!”

If this is the “play our game, pucks in deep” comment of marathon running then I’d like to say Bobby Carpenter has this nailed.

Congrats to both on their Marathon journey and them succeeding in helping a great cause!