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Riley Nash’s OT penalty is a peak "bad officiating" call

Spotty NHL refereeing strikes again.

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators - Game Two

The refs didn’t sink them entirely, but Boston sure didn’t need this particular penalty called against Riley Nash who lashed out after getting hit hard while going to a knee.

In the head.

From Bobby Ryan’s elbow. That went uncalled.

Even Pierre McGuire, weird fetishist of grit and grind-y plays, was pissed.

Again, it’s not the only thing that sunk Boston tonight but it really didn’t help that Nash’s lashout was called, the elbow wasn’t, and arguable was so very much the worse one and it should’ve been 4 on 4 if they wanted to be “fair” about it.

But that’s Tim Peel and the refs of the NHL for you.

What do you think of this one?

(*Editor's note*: We edited this piece after realizing Tim Peel didn't make the Nash call. He certainly could have stepped in to make them match, but dis no such thing. The point still stands: NHL reffing is too inconsistent.)