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Bergeron once again a Selke Finalist and will probably end up winning it

Who else, right?

2015 NHL Awards - Show Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The NHL announced via twitter dot com their Selke Finalists.

I’m sure you’re shocked who ended up in there.

That’s right, Your #1 center Patrice Bergeron!

Oh, the other two who aren’t Bergeron...

Oh, that’s rich.

Bergeron has once again been the NHL’s premiere two-way forward and probably the best overall forward in the league once again in terms of sheer possession generation and defensive suppression by a country mile. Kesler and Koivu, while they were on very good teams this year, aren’t close to the sheer impact Bergeron brings.

Basically? It’s a formality at this point. If Boston does a certain thing (which I’m not going to say out loud or type out lest I jinx it), then hand Bergeron his Selke and let’s crown him the best two-way player to lace up some skates in the modern era.

Congrats to Bergeron for his nomination, and his inevitable win.