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Boston vs. Senators Game 4 RECAP: On the Brink

A milquetoast pair of periods, a goal called back, and a miserable sequence now has Boston on the frosty edge of elimination.

Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins - Game Four

First Period:

Both teams spent a good portion of the first period just kind of throwing shots on net, neither side had much to give on this first one, but after awhile it appeared the Sens took over the period and began throwing shots on Rask, who steered them all away.

Second Period:

Boston and Ottawa traded decent shifts back and forth, but Boston had an absolutely fantastic shift from the Moore line that, had it counted, would’ve gotten them up 1-0!

...But it was called back because Noel Acciari was very much offsides 30 seconds after the goal, and thus the period continued on with Boston and Ottawa just trading opportunities on and off.

Onto the third period...

Welcome to Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh:

Look, the only thing you really need to know about this period was that Bobby Ryan scored 6ish minutes into the period off of a fantastic pass from Erik Karlsson. 1-0 Sens.

And Boston, with a Selke finalist, an 80 point getter, a rising star, and Worse than that, they could do nothing in their own end and in the neutral zone, allowing Ottawa to set up their 1-3-1 and slam the door on the game, ending the game at 1-0 and putting Boston within one game of being eliminated in 5 games.

Game Notes:

  • They need to win Game 5, their goalscoring needs to be revived. No questions asked. When Rask pitches a .962 SV%, you should be able to win at least 2-1. The 1-3-1 has been solved since at least 2008. The Bruins are better than this (at least when healthy.)
  • Your possession leaders from tonight were: David Backes, Charlie McAvoy, Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and David Krejci.
  • Colin Miller didn’t look 100%, but that’s to be expected. He’s also barely been with his preferred defense partner of Kevan, so that only really made it worse
  • Charlie McAvoy played out of his mind, as did Brad Marchand, but after the Bobby Ryan goal it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. After that goal the entire team deflated.
  • David Backes played an awful lot like David Backes in stretches but ended up being the leader in CF%. If nothing else, it’s clear he’s trying.
  • Do or die time, ladies and gentlemen. Next few games basically decide what Boston is made of.

Game 5 is on Friday, at 7:30pm.