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Cassidy: Senators “chirping” Krejci’s injury kickstarted B’s

Perhaps it’s better to not talk smack during the game...

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators - Game One

When David Krejci went down, it looked like the Bruins were in trouble. The team was already down 1-0, and was going to be without its most creative center for the rest of the game.

The play, in case you forgot:

According to Bruce Cassidy after the game, however, this ended up being a “break” for the Bruins, in that the Senators fired up the team with their trash talk.

From Cassidy’s post-game press conference on NESN:

The hit on Krejci, you know...when they started chirping Krech, I think the guys...that rankled them a little bit.

It's one thing to play hard, it's another's a veteran guy in the NHL, a proven performer...a young kid starts lipping him.

I think that really got to our guys, to be honest with you, and it sort of turned the temperature up in the game from there on, so that was a break for us.

Chris Wideman was the one who made the hit, so it’s probable that he’s the one who was chirping Krejci or the Bruins bench.

The Bruins wouldn’t really kick it into high gear for a while after that hit, so take the comments with a grain of salt.

However, whatever it was that got the Bruins fired up was enough to send the series back to Boston on Sunday.