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Brad Marchand with a terrible spear, gets tossed

Come on, Brad...

NHL: Dallas Stars at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand is too good a player to resort to plays like this, but it seems like he’s having trouble leaving the pest behind.

Late in the first period, Marchand was assessed a five minute major penalty for spearing and a game misconduct after this reckless bit of stickwork on Jake Dotchin.

Just a terrible, terrible play by Marchand, who should know better. Marchand has received a few spears to the groin, and to turn and wield his stick that recklessly is truly an awful play.

Later in the highlight shown above, Dotchin could be seen mouthing “that’s a f***ing joke,” something many other NHLers would likely agree with.

Marchand is likely going to get a call from the league after that one, and the Bruins have 4:30 left of the major penalty to kill to start the second.

It’s sad to see it come to this for Marchand. He’s elevated himself to elite goal-scorer status this season, but may spend the rest of it in the press box because he lost his cool again.