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Brad Marchand suspended for the remainder of the regular season

So like two games, but still.

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Department of what counts for Player Safety has announced their suspension of Brad Marchand, who received a penalty and a Game Misconduct for spearing Jake Dotchin in the junk.

Their video:

Their case is fairly self explanatory.

And while Boston would definitely like to have him back in order to properly align themselves for a smoother first round, the reality is Brad really has no excuse for himself in this case. He gets two, the Bruins will have to cope.

Brad Marchand finishes his 2016-2017 Regular season with 39 goals, 46 assists, and 85 points. A rough way to end what was a fantastic campaign for the guy, but y’know...

Don’t hit people in the nuts with your stick. That’s just dumb.