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Anders Bjork is going to be a Bruin soon

Now that Notre Dame’s out of the NCAA tournament (and hockey east), it appears Bjork has a little time on his hands...

2017 NCAA Division I Men's Hockey Championships - Semifinals Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So Denver beat the holy hell out of Notre Dame last night and kicked them out of the tournament and formally got Notre Dame out of the Hockey East for good.

Please excuse me a minute to laugh uproariously at Notre Dame’s fate.

Thank you.

But now Anders Bjork, Boston Bruins prospect, has been linked by Kirk Leudeke as being close to a signing:

Bjork’s been a major help to the hapless rubes who call themselves Notre Dame players, with 52 points in 39 games, the majority of which came in assists, of which he has 31.

While very good, Bjork would be entering about a day before the season ended and with JFK already on the roster, one could reasonably expect him to be assigned to providence or as a “just in case” type of player.

That said? Another good hockey player’s coming to boston!