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Report: Bruins making uniform changes next year

Let's hope it's nothing too drastic...

Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins - Game Six Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Next year, the NHL will be switching its jersey manufacturer from Reebok to Adidas.

It looks like some teams are taking advantage of the switch to make some changes to their uniforms, per

One of those teams? YOUR Boston Bruins.

The report cites a source saying more than a dozen teams will be making changes, though it doesn't say what they'll be.

The changes could be minor (adding a stripe) or major (the Oilers are ditching their home blue for home orange).

When the Bruins did their redesign for the new RBK Edge jerseys a decade ago, they did very minor tweaks, mainly modernizing the crest.

What will they do this time? Chances are, something equally minor. I could see them tweaking the crest again, or maybe adding a color bar to the name plates like they have on Providence's jerseys.

In all likelihood, it'll be very minor.

HOWEVER, let's speculate, just in case it's a major change.

They could go nuts and promote their alternates from this year to their full-time jerseys.

They could go the Nashville route and switch their home color to gold.

They could...oh whatever, it will end up being minor.

What tweaks would you like to see?