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Jeremy Jacobs’ olympics comments are just as Jeremy Jacobs as you’ll get

Jeremy Jacobs said a condescending rich person thing about an international competition that could grow the game because of course he did

U.S. Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Jeremy Jacobs wears a lot of hats, most of which draw quite a bit of anger from those of us who cannot afford private jets or to have our blood changed out bi-weekly.

He is at one point owner and proprietor of the Boston Bruins, Chairman for the NHL’s board of Governors, Mr. Burns impersonator, Creator of a pile of money so big he can climb to the top and personally laugh in god’s face for being so f___ing poor...

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...and as per usual when it came to the NHL not going to the Olympics, he had a typically Jeremy Jacobs response:

“When you stop and think about should we take those weeks out of our season, turn it off, continue to depend on these players to perform for us when they get back, if they get back, and come back in good condition. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Do what they did in basketball and play it in the summer. We could go to the Summer Olympics just as easily. They won’t embrace it, so it is what it is...

...Also, Korea doesn’t really help the situation at all. The time zones are so totally different. If you want to watch here at 2 or 3 in the morning, OK. But I think the four people that watch it don’t justify it.”

I mean, I’ve made my case on this before, but the idea of the olympics in this case is maybe the Korean people what they’re missing in NHL action? After all, it’s the olympics. People are still showing up to the games and Pyeongchang is a popular winter sports destination for South Koreans.

Oh well, JJ probably doesn’t care about that. What he and the NHL Governors seem to care about more is China’s money...which they can probably get by going to Korea since the IOC isn’t happy about this but who cares, he paid for that thing that makes cheeto popcorn and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t use an entire concessions stand to sell it.

Big fan of the idea of Zdeno Chara possibly being sent to the minors so they can send him off to be a Slovakian hero, though. And the justification he and the board of governors use for trying to sneak into the Chinese games in 2022 that doesn’t translate to “I value China’s money more than Korea’s”.