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Jimmy Hayes was completely ineffective in 2016-17

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Dorchester, please take your guy back.

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images


There’s really no better way to say it, sugarcoat it, or get around it: Jimmy Hayes sucked this year.

That might as well be the entire evaluation, really.

He was the worst forward on the team by a country, city, and suburban mile at nearly everything he did. He barely scored or assisted on goals, he was usually the worst player on the team at generating puck possession, not very confident with the puck, barely generated shots, useless on the backcheck, and rarely used his large frame to at least get fans of hitting on his side. He was so ineffective he straight up didn’t play after April 1st, where he logged 47 seconds of game time and his season basically ended there. His last goal was in Mid-December. Drew Stafford played less than 20 games for Boston, and still had more goals than Hayes. That is unacceptable.

And the worst part is that by all accounts, Hayes still managed to find his way onto the roster and do absolutely nothing with his admittedly limited ice time when there were players totally willing and able to play just fine if not better in those roles keeping the puck away from Rask and back onto the other team’s netminder.

Other than that, the vast majority of what Jimmy Hayes brought to the team was so inconsequential that I don’t remember much of what he actually did bring to the table. His skillset was always found elsewhere in the lineup and always done by a better player. There was nothing truly unique that Jimmy Hayes could bring to the Bruins that another couldn’t do better, and his play suffered so badly he was a liability for his entire run.

Grade: F

He found himself completely redundant by April, and the Bruins found it appropriate to leave him out of the starting lineup since, and for my money, it appears Hayes will likely find himself out of Boston’s immediate plans with all the winger talent coming into the system.

Sorry local boy, it may be time to find greener pastures.


Age: 27

Games Played: 58

Goals: 2

Assists: 3

Points: 5

Playoffs: N/A

Shooting: 2.7%

Final Regular season CF%: 51.7%


What should the Bruins do with Hayes?

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