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Zane McIntyre and Malcolm Subban were both very bad in their starts in 2016-17

Even in front of a moderately shaky defense, these two have not earned the right to call themselves the Backup yet.

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images


These two deserve to be evaluated together because combined they earned at the NHL level the big fat F that in all honesty they got mostly out of a case of dumb, ugly luck. Rask was hurt, Khudobin went down, and for a brief time, these two were the tandem the Bruins could ice.

They did not impress.

McIntyre looked in some cases to be the better of the two as the team tended to trust him more, and in many ways did look to be a poised and controlled goaltender for most of his brief time in Boston...But he still lacked a certain awareness that only became more painful as time went on, particularly brutal was an early game against Montreal that the B’s could’ve actively won had McIntyre not over-committed to a shot, and was extremely out of position. This was the kind of thing McIntyre struggled with frequently: overcommitting, allowing second chance opportunities, and especially keeping an eye on where the puck was, something that’s killed the P-Bruins recently even if they’ve dominated some nights.

Malcolm Subban wasn’t much better, but at least Boston had the good taste once again to ease him in on a cupcake opponent so he could get properly acclimated to the huge jump between AHL and NHL level talent.

Oh wait...I am being told instead of this they threw Malcolm Subban to the Wild during the opening part of the season when the Wild looked pretty untouchable, three goals were let in, nobody compensated, and this experiment finished rapidly.

Don’t worry if you didn’t like his performance, he seemed pretty unhappy with it as well, and straight up told the Globe so:

“My two outings weren’t very good — they were terrible, to be honest...I am trying to prove to everyone here that I can play, that I deserve to play, and that I want to play in the NHL”

So if nothing else, it appears he seems at least aware of how bad he could look at this level of play and appears interested in improving.

Both have had much better success in the AHL with Providence, where both have been fairly good in their own right during the regular season, and McIntyre looked to be one of the better goaltenders of the playoffs.

...But again, some of McIntyre’s weaknesses were still not being masked or worked on enough that a team like Providence that outshot their opponent by 60 shots over two games couldn’t nab a win, and crashed and burned in the ECF against Syracuse. Some years you just can’t catch a break.

Grade: F

I don’t want either of these two to have this grade because they’ve been integral to the farm team’s success and seem pretty intent on improving, but I need to stress that in comparison to Khudobin, who was barely trusted through most of the year, neither of these two could swipe the job away from a player who was, for most of the year, putting up a similar sub-.900 Save-%.

Both will have to use the Calder Cup Playoffs and the offseason to improve their skills and their collective health, then have an absolutely lights out training camp and preseason. That and that ALONE will determine if either of these two will find themselves backing up Rask next year.

Otherwise these two have a pretty clear ceiling, and Boston might have to reevaluate how deep their goaltending depth actually is.



McIntyre - 24

Subban - 23

NHL Statlines:

McIntyre: 8 NHL games played, 3 wins, 4 losses .858 SV%

Subban: 1 NHL game played, One loss, .813 SV%

AHL Statlines:

McIntyre: 31 games played, .930 SV%

Subban: 32 games played, .917 SV%


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