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SCoC Draft Profiles: Conor Timmins is a playmaking blueliner with a lot of upside

The Greyhounds have one of the many mid-round defenders worth picking for Boston. Should Timmins be the one?

Player Analysis:

There’s a lot of great defensive talent making up the mid-first round for the 2017 Draft. One of whom happens to be a real safe, smart player who was the number one defenseman for Soo Ste. Marie by the name of Conor Timmins.

Timmins is a reasonably sized defender that brings a good rate of speed and acceleration, a very accurate pass, good hands, ability to close off gaps, willingness to get physical with oncoming attackers, and a real eye for breaking down defenses with his playmaking ability, the vast majority of his 61 points coming as assists.

But that can be misleading. After all, 2nd Assists mean the best he might be doing is moving the puck around. Could he be just a player coasting off of anoth-no.

No he’s very good at getting assists, and shows us how:


Highest of all defensemen in the draft in playmaking across all CHL and USHL defenders. That is impressive.

The few things that need to be worked on with Timmins is that, for a player who can do so much offensively, he really doesn’t score that much, and while he has an accurate shot, it might be a much more powerful tool to be developed if he works on it.

Another is positioning, which is mostly a matter of experience...which is only really fixed with...y’know, more ice time. The Greyhounds can fix that.

Projected for the mid rounds, Timmins is could be one of many players on defense that could end up a Bruin and the team would be better for his inclusion, but like so many in this draft, it would be a “wait a few years” sort of pickup.

He’d make a reasonably middle pairing player at the worst, so there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t be a good player to have in Black and Gold.

Player Rankings:

  • Ranked #28 by ISS Hockey
  • Ranked #44 by Future Considerations
  • Ranked #23 by McKeen's Hockey
  • Ranked #18 by NHL Central Scouting (NA Skaters)


Age: 19

Position: Defenseman

Height: 6’1

Weight: 183 lbs.

Conor Timmins Statline

Season Team League Games Played Goals Assists Points PIM
Season Team League Games Played Goals Assists Points PIM
2014-15 Thorold Blackhawks GOJHL 15 2 8 10 28
St.Catherine's Falcons GOJHL 15 5 3 8 12
2015-16 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds OHL 60 4 13 17 20
2016-17 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds OHL 67 9 54 61 69