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What does Jonathan Drouin's deal mean for David Pastrnak?

Another young forward got locked up, giving a glimpse at what #88's deal could look like.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Canadiens made an off-season splash yesterday, acquiring Jonathan Drouin from Tampa and promptly signing the 22-year-old forward to a contract extension.

The deal, Drouin's first after his ELC, is reportedly worth $33 million over six years, an AAV of $5.5 million.

"Who cares about Montreal," you say. You are correct, of course.

However, in this case, Drouin offers an interesting comparable to David Pastrnak.

The two forwards were drafted a year apart, Drouin 3rd overall in 2013 and Pastrnak 25th overall in 2014.

Drouin is 22, Pastrnak is 21.

Drouin has played more NHL games than Pastrnak, but Pastrnak has been more productive.

Here's a basic breakdown:

Games played: Drouin - 189; Pastrnak - 178

Goals: Drouin - 34; Pastrnak: 61

Assists: Drouin - 75; Pastrnak - 66

Points: Drouin - 109; Pastrnak - 127

Points per game: Drouin - 0.58; Pastrnak - 0.71

5v5 P/60 (3 years): Drouin - 1.70; Pastrnak - 2.19

As you can see, Yung Dave takes just about every category. Pastrnak had more goals this season as Drouin has in his entire NHL career, playoffs included (36 to 34).

I thought before that the Bruins would have to be in the 6's to lock Pastrnak up long-term. This deal confirms that will probably be the case, unless Pastrnak elects to take a hometown discount.

If nothing else, Drouin's deal gives Pastrnak's agent a solid, recent comparable: "Here is what this kid got, and David is a better player."

If the Bruins are smart, they'll add a bump to this base and get Pastrnak's signature on the bottom line sooner rather than later.