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Fresh Links: Chiller Out In The Cold, Education Is Key

It is now up to Las Vegas whether or not we continue to cheer for Colin Miller in a Bruins uniform

Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers
Please, can we keep him? Colin Miller
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

In Bruins news you can use:

  • Colin Miller has undeniable talent in the puck-moving department, but his less dependable decision-making leave him the Miller exposed to Las Vegas. Boston Globe
  • The list is in, and the Bruins exposed to the NHL expansion draft include some surprises, like Alex Khokhlachev- That's a name I've not heard in a long time. WEEI
  • Kirk Luedeke turns his considerable intellect to the expansion draft and the merits of The Millers (how Killer came to his attention and Chiller struggles with defense), headshaking at Matt Beleskey’s and Jimmy Hayes’ tough seasons, the risk/reward of selecting Koko, and high words of praise for Adam McQuaid. (Audio, 1:04:13) Scouting Post
  • Kevan Miller v. Colin Miller- Look back at how Kevan’s battlefield promotion in the 2014 playoffs and how abilities he shares with Dennis Seidenberg trumped Colin’s clear edge in skill. South Coast Today
  • A player to develop, or one with a track record? This choice will determine which Bruin will head to Vegas. South Coast Today
  • Good move, Don Sweeney, exposing the correct Miller- remember, the whole debate becomes irrelevant if this other dark horse candidate is selected instead. CBS Boston
  • Counterpoint- you blew it, Bruins, Colin Miller is still growing and learning, and will improve over time. Inside Hockey
  • Might the Maple Leafs like to snatch up Chiller? Maple Leafs Hot Stove
  • Not to dwell on it, but drafting has been a problem for the Bruins, and this list contains 10 draft busts that illustrate that fact. Boston Herald
  • The Golden Knights will now sift through a list of solid available players- selecting Malcolm Subban might pay off for both of them for one good reason. Toronto Sun
  • Zane McIntyre joined an increasing number of NHLers (and a surprising number of Bruins) who left school to turn pro but who continued on to earn their degrees. He singles out his coaches for pushing graduation as a priority- only the AHL playoffs kept him from walking at graduation. InForum
  • Speaking of graduation- another Bruin, whose high-school photo is here, is not the one I would have thought would be considering a return to finish his own college degree when his career is though. Good for him! CBC

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • There are a lot of former Bruins exposed in the expansion draft- review this list of the players to see which are protected and available. Sporting News The Mike Smith trade to the Calgary Flames leaves the rights to old friend (and pending UFA) Chad Johnson in the paws of the Desert Dogs. Boston Globe
  • The biggest surprises from the release of the lists include mystifying moves that hint at upcoming deals. ESPN
  • It isn’t easy to recover from a sports hernia, it is an injury that is rearing its ugly head in hockey more and more often, and in increasingly younger players. Boston Herald
  • Of the NHL teams over the years that seemed to be sure bets to hoist the Stanley Cup, these were notable for having failed so shockingly. Good Night, Good Hockey
  • The Vancouver Giants 2007 Memorial Cup team was notable for some former Bruins, including Milan Lucic (tounament MVP), Craig Cunningham (whose absence was understandable), and Wacey Rabbit. Their recent reunion involved no regrettable blond highlights. (With several videos) The Province
  • Canadiens great Howie Morenz died in 1937 unexpectedly following a career-ending injury at only 35- did he die of a broken heart? New York Times