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Vegas Mock Draft: Knights choose Adam McQuaid

Our Golden Knights blog took Darth Quaider off our hands...

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Knights on Ice, SBN’s new Las Vegas Golden Knights blog, is holding a series of mock expansion drafts while the real Golden Knights prepare to make their picks.

In the interest of getting a look inside the mind of a Vegas fan, we took a look at yesterday’s draft, their first.

From the article:

Boston Bruins - Adam McQuaid, D: It was a toss up between McQuaid and Colin Miller, but I took the defender who’s more experienced and is on the books for the next two years.

Adios, Darth Quaider. You were a good soldier during your time here. Often maligned, but a good teammate and a guy whose effort could never be doubted.

Some other notable picks from Vegas’ first mock draft included D Josh Manson from the Anaheim Ducks, G Petr Mrazek of the Detroit Red Wings, F Tomas Plekanec (THANK GOD) of the Montreal Canadiens and F James Neal of the Nashville Predators.

Stay tuned for more Knights on Ice mock drafts as the week progresses.