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What will Patrice Bergeron wear to the NHL awards?

Bergeron certainly has a sense of style and has pulled out the best on the red carpet!

2017 NHL Awards - Media Availability Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

By the end of the night, Patrice Bergeron may have another Selke trophy in hand. But what will he wear on his way up to the podium? Let’s take a look back through the year’s as to what Bergeron donned at his previous NHL award attendances.


2012 NHL Awards - Show Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Back in 2012, Bergeron pulled off the classic black suit, white button-down shirt and black tie. Simple, classy, elegant. Winner of the Selke that season.


2014 NHL Awards - Inside Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Did he just clone himself in 2014? Basically. Did he win the Selke again? He did. Power moves by #37.


2015 NHL Awards - Press Room Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

He changed up his look only slightly in 2015, adding the vest under his jacket. That didn’t change his fate, however, as he still won the Selke.


2016 NHL Awards - Red Carpet Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last year, he pulled a more purple tie out off the tie rack, and unfortunately he did not win the Selke. Still looking incredibly sharp.

Will he return to his black tie ways? Will he go with something entirely different? Regardless, Bergeron’s play on the ice speaks for itself when it comes to the Selke (but maybe bringing back the black tie look wouldn’t hurt).