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Jeremy Jacobs is getting into the Hockey Hall of Fame

Under the “Builders” Category.

Boston Bruins owner, lockout presider, and CEO of Delaware North Companies is going into the Hockey Hall of Fame under the “Builder” category.

On one hand, one could easily see that having a principal owner that barely interacts with the Boston Bruins roster and lets the GM/President do whatever they please to effectively rebuild a listless, uninterested and all around bad team into the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions we knew and loved...

...On the other, Jeremy Jacobs is every bit the money grubber that presided over every lockout the league as had and has been the firmest believer in “owner’s first” in terms of contract negotiation, stalling out proceedings far beyond what they probably should have in the grand search for more sweet, sweet capital. Combined with such other problems as rising prices of tickets, concessions, and gear only makes him a figure in Boston that is regarded more as a necessary evil, rather than a rich fella whose hobby just wants to be bringing happiness to Boston fans.

But regardless, He should be proud that after 40+ years of ownership, he’s gotten the team to at least one Stanley Cup final and got to raise the silver himself and made a gorillion dollars out of it. That’s not something many people get to experience.